When the Dream Comes Alive – What is the message?

I moved to Australia in July of 2010 as a result of a 30 year dream. The time was right and I was SO looking forward to something fresh, new and exciting!

What took me by surprise, however,  were the intense spiritual experiences I have had since landing in this country, which seemed to have somehow rearranged the core of who I am and how I perceive the world as well as my  part in it.

This is just one example:


Living in a Dream

Living in a Dream

I ran up the hill and I left this world for a while to immerse myself in a prehistoric world where the dinosaurs roam…full of the sounds of unseen life of every imagining. It was absolutely eerie, with clouds of misty sparkling silver filling in the spaces between the grass, trees and the valleys of moist velvety green. Millions of tiny electric needles were prickling my bare legs as my feet became one with the earth underneath them. Grounded was the word that came to mind and yet I felt I could easily take flight. The lightest misting began lightly dancing on the skin of my bare arms and I delighted in the tickling sensation, not nearly as intense as the volts in my legs. It was time to connect with the energy of millions of others across the world who believe they can co-create a better world… together.

I closed my eyes and drank in the richness of the sounds all around me as I slowly twirled with my arms reaching out to them, as if I was listening through my fingertips. I envisioned the matrix of of the field of possibilities, connecting my truth with theirs. Totally immersed in moment, I was startled out of my trance by the sound of my husband’s “Tarzan” call from the deck of the rustic cabin where we temporarily made our home. I waved at him to come up and join me as I knew he would find it magical as well. I could not contain my emotion as I half laughed and half cried while attempting to sparingly explain what I was doing since I didn’t want to spoil the moment with mere words.

As I spoke, the rain began to fall again gently and I suddenly felt the urge to to feel it on my back, so I whipped off my slip of a nightdress and stretched slowly into the droplets so as to feel the full effect of the magical touch. My husband followed suit and we both grinned from ear to ear until we were soaked and a bit chilled. I promised to show him what started this whole profundity once we dried off and dressed.

Back in the house, I opened up my computer, pulling up a website that created a visual presentation explaining their concept to bring about new beginnings for the people and the earth … starting with one million people visualising, en masse, a new way of looking at life… starting at 11:11 pm EST on 11/11/ 2010.

Now I had seen and heard movements like this before and actually took part in several similar “intention experiments” before, with positive results, so naturally this one interested me. But there were a few graphics in this particular presentation that hit me in the gut. Literally I felt a punch in my middle and my breath was shallow and short. I felt tingling and fear and excitement as adrenaline rushed through my body after realising how three of the graphics were almost identical to dreams my son Keenan and I had just in the last several months.

The ceiling opened up

The whole in the roof

The first portrayed an old broken down cabin with the roof caving in. My first reaction to it was the familiar look of an old cabin. The old mini Queenslander we were living in had been flooded in a terrifying flash flood just 3 years ago, so it showed some signs of stress before we managed to get it in decent shape for living again. But then it occurred to me that my son described a meaningful dream he had about the roof caving in at his house, revealing a whole other house as he crawled through the ceiling… a newer house with lots to explore. Hmmm…. interesting right?

But then up comes a picture of an electrical swirling white vortex of energy against the background of blue sky. The idea was to portray the gathering of all the energy of the million people to “steer ” us in the “right” direction. But this graphic didn’t really hit home until I came upon the next. To be honest, the graphic I am going to describe next took my breath away and I actually rubbed my eyes to see if I was imagining. I could feel my heart beating really fast as I tried to get my mind back into place.

Vortex Steering Wheel

Vortex Steering Wheel

Here’s why… Several months before, I had an AMAZINGLY creative and beautiful dream. I remembered it vividly, which is unusual for me. I am truly amazed that my mind can come up with things that I’ve never seen or done before. If you’ve experienced the same…have you ever wondered about that? But in this dream I was invited to preview a brand new office building. The “building” was actually a structure without walls as we know them. The structure was made of white sparkly material in the form of mountain peaks. Running down the sides of the peaks were waterfalls with gorgeous blue pools of water gathered in the valleys of the peaks. Sticking out in random places attached to the mountain walls were flat white platforms with cabinets and desks coming up from the floors. There were no outside walls, only blue sky, white clouds and mountain peaks could be seen.

Dreaming of a New World

Dreaming of a New World

I remember feeling totally in awe that such a thing could exist. I was anxious to see more so I asked someone if I could take a look around and all of a sudden a sort of round “electrified” steering wheel appeared in front of me. Just as I took it in my hands, it whisked me through the sky and around the “building” as I just had to “think it” in the direction I wanted to go. I absolutely marvelled at what I was doing and seeing, having the best time…until I awoke. I was so excited that morning and told everyone I knew at what an amazing dream I had and I was just so happy all day. It was wild!

So when I saw in the 3rd graphic… a woman laying in bed dreaming of a scene in the background of white peaks and blue sky, I FREAKED! Right then I knew this was more than coincidence. I was guided to see what time it was since it may be exactly the time the world was in sync with 11:11 o’clock EST. When I saw the global clock on my screen, it showed that I was a minute late, so I quickly sat my computer down to run up to the land of dinosaurs…. that magical place where my body and mind transcended time, becoming part of the ONE.

Funny thing is… when I returned to this world and looked at the time on the very same webpage, it was NOT the exact time as my husband pointed out. But I know what I saw… and what was shown to me when it comes to matters of the spirit… time and space is not real. We are truly ONE!

What do we do with that realisation and where do we go from here? I truly would like to hear your take on that in the comments below! Have you ever had an experience like this that shook you to the very core of who you are and what it means?


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The Predictions of Wall St. Do They Determine Your Future?

The TV interview below represents what used to be an integral part of my professional life when I was a stock broker for one of the the Wall St. investment firms back in the 90’s…

I find it an interesting interview with a big economist who the financial world watches very closely. While I so CARE about the people of the USA (my homeland)  and the economy that is experiencing such pain, I feel compelled to share my KNOWING with you, my readers, that YOU have the power to manifest something TOTALLY different than the picture these “experts” are painting for you in this interview:

You can do so in a way that puts YOU in the driver’s seat for as long as you choose!

It’s a pretty BIG promise, but if you are open to it, I can help you see that all the “BULL” that is happening in your life can be eliminated in a way that brings/allows great happiness, joy and abundance into your life… DESPITE what these “experts” are trying to make you believe.

Are you UP FOR IT?  Are YOU ready to invest in YOUR OWN HAPPINESS rather than depend on the “experts” to tell you what is possible… depending on what’s happening in the economies across the world?

You may see through the strategies that are carefully crafted and used by massive corporate structures, power mongers and fear based manipulators to suck you into a downward spiraling vortex to victimhood and disempowerment?

I am NOT a paranoid type, but rather someone who has experienced and successfully negotiated the depths of darkness and brilliance of light again and again to witness the life which is so plentiful here!  I declare that what is left of my life is dedicated to those of you who are willing to live and take ACTION in the LIGHT of love, caring, abundance, community, health, happiness, balance, sustainability, fun, excitement with a willingness to ignore those who operate out of fear, lack, hate and insanity!

And so it is!

Why Does a GutZy Woman DO What She Does?


 Why Do You Do What You Do?

Since I have just recently been given “legal status” in Australia to bring in income, I have done much reflection on how do I want that to look? How I want to experience this new start and living out the rest of my life. I have always been proactive about how I want to live my life and how I prefer to do business. Throughout my adult life I have made HUGE changes several times of my own volition OR because of a COSMIC 2X4 hitting me between the eyes (much more painful!).

I chose to move to Australia and could sense that it was the right place for me (as well as my hubby and son) as I move into this new phase of being the “main income provider” in our relationship. I’ve learned alot over the years about what works and what doesn’t work for us, so I wanted to be sure that as I visualise my life going forward, I can be truly who I am and gift to the world that which is distinctly ME! My gift, my legacy to this world, in this time, in a way that doesn’t exclude or alienate my partner of 30 years.

So when I was asked to write down the answer to 15 questions as a prerequisite to becoming a member of Sian Lindemann’s 5 x 5 Mastermind, I am grateful that she insisted that we go through this process and I TOTALLY recommend you invest yourself in the time to do this as well. If done in complete integrity, truth and love, this exercise will open your eyes to whether or not you are heading in the right direction as you create your life/ business.

Here is my answer to the WHY:

Because I LOVE experiencing exciting new adventures, the beauty and wonder of nature, being in the company of and interacting with intelligent, fun-loving, happy, caring, loving, evolved people… and waking up every morning deciding what it is that I want to do that day, being available for those whose lives I can positively affect and deciding who or what cause I want to serve with the skills and gifts that I have been given and developed.

LOVE living in the NOW!

The reason I spend so much time learning about, using and sharing that which I have learned about the internet and communication technology is because I have witnessed how it has already positively changed the way we do everything in every facet of our existence and the amazing opportunities that it opens up going forward.

Many years ago I realised that new communication technologies would be a primary vehicle for women in particular to create more of a voice as well as influence and physical presence in all facets of life…. in the arenas of economics, spirituality, government and health. After 30 plus years of advocating for and taking action in the “women’s movement”, I came to the realisation that the key to creating effective change in the world is to come from a space of “balance” between the feminine and masculine energy. As a result, my quest to “gather the feminine energy” has gone to the next level and I am focusing on how to turn that energy into manifestation in the world.

Thank you for allowing me to share my big WHY with you!

I would LOVE for you to share your WHY with my universe!

WHY? Because when you do, you will attract those of like mind to you. That’s where “the gathering” starts!

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Share Your Burning Passion Baby!

When you LOVE what you do but you also love cute little babies, sometimes you figure out how to combine the two!

This video is about never being too young or two old to have a voice through the power of the Internet and the coaching and support of top notch programs, education and people who care and know what they’re doing.

People like GutZy Woman.

This is all about you having a voice…and LOTS of fun and grins!



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Celebrate the GutZy Women in Your Life! Ready for Independence?

www.debbieducic.com and www.gutzywoman.com founder, Debbie Ducic, celebrates four generations of GutZy Women on the 4th of July.

My message is to examine our priorities and determine what means the most in our lives. As founder of GutZy Women LLc. I’m PASSIONATE about the gathering of the feminine energy to help bring balance, equality, sustainability and LOVE back to a world in crisis.

So with the birth of my grand daughter and the collective power of LOVE and EVE-olution, 4 generations of the women in my family gather together and celebrate their connection as well as the birth of their new and adorable soul! The next generation of GutZy Women!

I invite you to celebrate the GutZy Women in YOUR life and support the men who love them. Please join us!

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